Angel Under is a visual novel/action game with a lot of emphasis on characters and story. You'll take the role of Erin and Milo, two aspirants in a reality TV show about killing demons in the war against Hell. 

As always, we are craving for your opinions and reviews. They really help us shape out our projects! 

And of course, if you like the project and would like to see it become big, consider supporting us on Patreon!

  • A sidescroller action game with great story and characters.
  • Frame-per-frame animated NSFW scenes.
  • Lots of comics.
  • Can be played with controller or keyboard.

Like what you see so far? Then please consider supporting us on Patreon! You'll access the newest version of the game amongst a lot other benefits. One of these benefits, by the way, is our eternal love.


[WIN] 98 MB


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The Extra Life's new version is out! and it's free for now go check it out!!!

Please give us the music, it goooeeesss haaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrd

will the future update contains the story in the old version in newgrounds(or is your newgrounds account still there and can i still play the elder version)?

Such a good game

does contain pregnancy?

Nope :(


How to save the game?


Save feature is in the next version! Don't worry, there will be also a skip feature so you don't have to play the content in this version all over again :D


When will the next public update be? Just curious.

Still a few months away! The gunplay part is being hard to develop :D


Is there going to more female protagonist play time or is just going to be male MC going forward? 


Yep! There are gonna be combat parts that will be played with Erin!

Thanks for the response, can't wait for next release!


Any chance of getting this on Android?


Don't think so, sorry :(


not bad


can we get a file of the music because hot damn its good


no saving possible?

Did you manage to save it?

Save feature is in the next version! Don't worry, there will be also a skip feature so you don't have to play the content in this version all over again :D


Came for the boobies, stayed for the music in menu 2 hours

(1 edit)

love this game and i cant wait for more but one question can you please realase the main menu track on spotify or something this track is just awesome and keep up the good work :D 


why cant there be any good games for free    :   (


this game is excellent looking forward to the next updates


Per usual your games are phenomenal and I'll be waiting to see more.

Thank you  a lot! 

Deleted 48 days ago

Amazing art style and atmosphere, I really dig the weird dystopian city in the desert thingie you got going on here.

Thank you! 


any estimate when the next update will drop?


Will take some months! We have to develop the gunplay part, which is a pretty heavy component to tackle


Will there be an android version?

Yeah would love a mobile version


Damn the music slaps!


Can i kill the purple haired girl?

It's a highly requested feature :')

So...Wen will it be added?


Is there really no way to save? wow wtf.

Will be in the next update!


This is a good game. Can't wait to see how it develops


Thank you very much!


such a high quality game. its full of charm like the classic newgrounds days. im absoloutly loving it!

Charm was one of the main things we wanted for this game! Glad you liked it! <3


Super stoked to see where this goes. I did pay for the patreon but canceled for the next few months solely because the paid version doesn't have much more content yet. But this game has massive potential

Thank you very much! Don't worry, we'll keep working on that content!


Poke, loving the characters in the demo, rooting for my girl Erin to be an OP clutz character. 

Thank you very much! Erin best girlo <3 


Loving the game so far.

I remember playing the prototype some time ago. Will that content be added to this version at some point?

Thank you very much! :D

Yes, the idea is to include a shooting section similar to the prototype's. That's a hard part to develop, though, so we are taking it in step by step.


Love the story so far :D
Keep up the good wor

Thanks a lot for your kind words! ❤️


wow, this is actually VERY good

Everything is so well-made

Good job !

Thank you very much! We took a lot of time to polish it! :D

short game but with a very strong potential and a huge instrumental. 5/5 star rating

Thank you a lot! We paid a lot of attention to the music haha!


Amazing!!! Please add more to this!! The artwork is amazing the music, the story 10/10 must play!


Thank you for your kind words! We hope we can bring you the next update soon 😊


Short, for now.

Gameplay is pretty minimal. But the art is good, writing good, and I had fun.

Following your account and adding this to a collection.

Our first comment in! Thank you a lot for your kindness <3


Kindness 100% deserved. As I said, short, but what's there is good stuff. I look forward to seeing more!